...with fashion forward, unique pieces hand-selected from the best Australian brands made accessible to you, Toronto. 

This online boutique has been a long-time coming. In fact, it all started 9 years ago with my first trip to Australia. I, Olga Kadylak, was exploring the streets of Melbourne with a friend, the first city that would initiate my undying passion for Australian fashion. During a midnight stroll in a popular downtown area, we turned a corner only to be immersed into a sea of fashionable young women. As I looked around, my eyes grew larger with excitement at all the unique styles, cuts and prints. I knew I needed to keep exploring and obviously - purchase a new wardrobe. 

That brings us to today. I felt that it was my undertaking to make Australian fashion easily accessible to following trendsetters of Toronto. The one-of-a-kind pieces we've chosen create looks for any occasion.

and the story continues... 

I could not do all of this without my fashion partner-in-crime, Sanja Popovski. Brought together through university and stuck together by our love of fashion, we are always seeking new trends, unique styles, and sleek silhouettes to venture daily fashion.  

So we welcome you to FIGJAM.TO - where we dress Toronto the Aussie way by providing clothing that has everything from fun and flirty day looks to sleek evening attire. 

FIGJAM.TO - Canada’s exclusive online boutique for Australian labels. Est. 2015